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Sconces are a beautiful way to add both lighting and decoration to your home. Sconces are light fixtures that are attached to the wall, rather than hanging from the ceiling, or, like a lamp, coming up from the floor. They generally, unlike ceiling lights but similar to most modern full sized floor lamps, illuminate upwards.

There are many varieties of sconces to fit in with any type of decor. They can range from the classic or even anachronistic, made to emulate torches or candles and looking as though they could belong in a medieval castle, to the contemporary and post-modern, right at home in even the edgiest, most ultramodern house.

Sconces have a variety of uses as well. They can illuminate long, dark hallways or passageways, they can add a bit of detail and decoration to an otherwise plain room (or even to a not-so-plain room), they can be used in place of typical ceiling or lamp lighting, and they can be used to illuminate a painting or piece of artwork positioned above them.

In long hallways, sconces are not only useful, but can also impart a feeling of protection and safety. As a decorative piece, a sconce can really help tie a room together or complete a decor theme. In place of typical lighting, sconces can give a soft, warm glow rather than the harsh glare of overhead lights. Moreover, if one wants to display a certain picture, painting, or other type of wall art, putting the art above a sconce is a great way to draw attention to it and make it clearly visible.

Sconces do not create the same kind of light as most typical overhead lights do. Since the light from a sconce is typically going upward towards the ceiling instead of downward over the room, the light is generally less bright and direct. While sconce light is great for creating a comfortable atmosphere with softness and warmth, keep in mind that sconce lighting may not be the best for tasks and activities that require bright and/or direct light.