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First appearing in the 1950s then making a comeback in the 1970s, swag lamps have proven to stand the test of time, as they are popular again.  These stylish lamps hang from the ceiling with two hooks, one holding the lamp and the curved draped swag hanging between the two hooks.  The original lamps are made of either Lucite or plastic and hung over a table or in a corner.  The long chain is intertwined with the cord, giving easy access to the power source.

Of course, swag lamps have been updated with the times to incorporate new technologies.  Many have gone beyond their Lucite or plastic construction to include crystal, glass, Japanese wood, leather, stained glass and wicker.  However, rattan is now one of the most popular materials these days because this material is so durable.  Furthermore, it is easy to add personal creative touches to rattan, especially for those who like to paint or add their own personal styles.  They can also be finished according to any individual’s preference without damaging the lamp.

These days swag lamps (or swag lights ) are much more than mere accents as they are economical, efficient and versatile as well as stylish.  Their long cords, usually from 10 to 15 feet long allow them to be positioned anywhere and not take up space on the floor, desktop or any other surface.  They are good for those living in smaller dwellings such as studio apartments to help save space.  They are also great as reading lights as they can light large rooms better than many floor designs.  Others have traditionally used swag lamps over billiard or pool tables to create a relaxed atmosphere.  Many may be familiar with these lamps proudly displaying the logos from sports teams or favorite brand names.

Most of these lamps  have an inline switch. However,  today’s technology has equipped many of them with remote controls making them even more convenient.  These lights do not have to be installed, so they can be moved at any time when redecoration is in order.  Such features are what separate these lamps from other types of lighting fixtures such as Quoizel chandeliers, which not only cost more that are also affixed to one place.Photoxpress 7209084 Swag Lamps: Style That Keeps Coming Back

Not surprisingly, there are many lamps that will go with any decor, especially those who like clever combinations of retro and contemporary styles.  The new improvements in swag lamps have not only made them better from a technological standpoint, but they are also much more stylish than those commonly found in hotels, motels, and resorts.  For example, a Pretty in Pink swag style plug in chandelier is perfect for a little girl’s room with its antique three-light chandelier and clear and pink crystal droplets that sparkle in the light.  The antique white finish is complimented with pink bell shades and faux candle-drip covers.  Along with the droplets, light blue, clear and pink beads provide a romantic ambiance.  Furthermore, this particular lamp can be converted to a hardwired lamp with the included kit.

Those who want a more sophisticated and elegant look may choose the hand painted floral plug-in style swag pendant light.  The Bavarian dark gold colored shade is decorated with matching ribbon along with hand painted accents on the center column and provides warm light with an off-white acrylic diffuser.  This lamp is perfect for placement over dining room table as well as many other living areas of the home.  Like the Pretty in Pink lamp, this design includes a hardwire kit in case one wants to make the lamp a permanent fixture.

There are many other choices in swag lamps to complement a fun and whimsical decor as well as a cozy, country home atmosphere.  There are those that have as much elegance and class as a Quoizel chandelier but have only a fraction of the cost.  One must consider what effect is needed when choosing a lamp as well as its economical and functional benefits.  If space is a problem in the home, then swag lamps offer the perfect solution to take care of lighting needs.  There is bound to be the right swag lamp for anyone for any purpose at just the right price.

A long time ago large chandeliers were seen only in palaces or in the mansion properties of the exceptionally rich. The Vanderbilt’s were known to have one, and Elvis was also a fan. But not many regular people these days possess the size of residence as well as the size of budget for a chandelier which is many feet in height plus weighs hundreds of pounds. Nowadays,  beautiful chandelier lamp shades provide us with a taste of what it would be like to own one of the enormous chandeliers we can simply look at in amazement.Photoxpress 4422678 An Antler Chandelier  I Dont Think So

In a tiny space you could have thought that getting any type of chandelier lighting would be unthinkable as it would be overpowering in your smaller space. However you can find chandelier type lampshades to fit the smaller sized room and also wall lamps with crystal droplets in the form of chandeliers can easily be bought. Smaller traditional cheap chandeliers with candlestick style lamps along with individual shades are ideal for many styles of lounge room in places you might ordinarily have regular pendant lamps, as long as the ceiling is not too low.

Obviously if you have a spacious dining table set in a lounge which has a high ceiling or a great staircase rising out of your hallway, maybe you have the room for a similarly grand hanging chandelier. You could potentially pick a large dozen branch traditional chandelier, a huge and magnificent crystal construction or have you thought to go for something quite elegant and unique like an art glass, Tiffany style or arts and crafts style black chandelier?

For a more simple look in preference to the intricate chandelier shades, try taking a look at the Quoizel lighting fixtures in their Contemporary or Americana collection. Their hanging pendant lights in a number of finishes such as aged copper or antique brass will beautifully complement the more traditional style room and decorations. Or possibly you would like a dragonfly garden pendant light from the European selection. If this is still too fancy for you then the classic lighting selection from the Duchess variety of Quoizel lights is a perfect mixture of elegance and style in surface finishes like Imperial Bronze or Antique Nickel.

All this brings us to the real problem with  real antler chandeliers, besides the indisputable fact that nowadays, most people don't like these, is the cost. Antler chandeliers are not cheap chandeliers.  They can be really expensive. However for anybody who wants the appearance, without worrying about cost and no hunting involved, you can find fantastic reproduction antler chandelier light fittings. These are also much lighter in weight than authentic antlers that have been known to take down ceilings since they are incredibly heavy. The imitation type of antler chandelier has got none of these complications and it is more desirable and more long-lasting compared to the natural kind.

When choosing a quoizel chandelier you should consider all of the options available. There are many different styles to consider.

Quoizel chandeliers look best in any area but particularly in the dining room and living room. They add a sense of sophistication to the area. They add class and style.

When choosing a chandelier you will want to make sure the your ceiling will be able to support the fixture. You more than likely do not want to get one that is too bulky. You may find it to get in the way.

Chandeliers give off a delicate look and feel. They add grace to the room, as well as great lighting. It adds a contemporary look or a look of formality, without being to formal.

If the fancy look is what you want, try a crystal chandelier. These add a delicate and soft look to the room, as well as sophistication and sharpness.

Many quoizel chandeliers have lampshades to choose from as well. The lampshades come in all styles, from the basic lampshade to a fancier lampshade. Adding a chandelier with lampshades adds casualty and comfort to any room.

When considering a chandelier, take in consideration of where you want to have it hang. Decide if you want chandelier lampshades or not. Choose from crystal chandeliers, or lamp style. Deciding if you want artwork added to the chandelier to give it that unique and personal touch.

The best way to clean a chandelier is to use a feather duster. The feather duster will provide a gentle touch. Using a items that are not soft can scratch the chandelier. Do not spray the cleaner directly on the chandelier. This could cause damage to the frame.

It is recommended to clean the chandelier every six months. If it gets dusty in between times then clean it again. There are many factors that could cause a more frequent cleaning, such as being close to a kitchen, or close to. You will want to make sure that the chandelier is always clean, it will enhance the look that you wanted when the chandelier was purchased.