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Some chores around the house just get pushed to last on the list and cleaning lamp shades is one of them. It is that difficult, but it involves a lot of preparation, such as getting the right supplies and removing the lamp shades and then replacing them one done. A few tips can save you time and some money.

1.   It may be best to just get all your lamp shades in one area.   Many of your lamps can still provide light while you clean the shades.  It won't take all that long to do the chore, so you should be able to replace them all fairly quickly anyway.   Find a place to work, such as a kitchen table or unused room and lay down a drop cloth. Put all the shades of the same type together on the cloth. To be careful with the delicate fabrics, read the cleaning instructions carefully.

2.   If the shade is made from hard material such as glass, hard plastic, or ceramic, use the right kind or cleaner for that.   Always check which materials should not be mixed with others for safety reasons.   It is important to use the correct amount of cleaner per the written instructions.   Cleaning cloths should be stiff for harder materials and soft for the the fabric shades.   Don't mix the cleaning cloths; use one for glass and one for fabric.

3.   Use a soapy mixture for the fabric lampshades and soak the cleaning cloth first.   Wipe each fabric shade carefully with a slightly soapy cloth and be delicate to prevent scratches and wrinkles.   Take a second cleaning cloth dipped in clean water to remove the soap.   Set them aside and let them dry thoroughly.

4.   For the glass type shades use some glass cleaner on a separate cloth.  You can use more pressure with these shades to remove all the dirt, dust, and oily residue.   You will likely need to do this twice to get all the grime off.   Using a separate clean cloth and water, rinse the shade then dry with a paper towel.

5.   Let everything dry completely before replacing.   If you get to impatient, you run the risk of getting water near the electricity and that is not safe.   Get rid of all the used cleaners by flushing them down the toilet then hang the cloths in a place to dry.

Now you will have clean shades for a few months.   When your lampshades are clean, the whole room seems cleaner, especially at night when the lights are on.   Don't forget to wipe off the lamps themselves of all the dust and fingerprints.   Never wipe a lamp without unplugging the electricity.   Safety First!   You can even enjoy more of the light , now that it can get to you through your clean lamp shades.