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Glass lamp shades are great decorations for the house. They come in a variety of colors and designs that will aid in the overall look of the house. Since they are made up of glass, the light will reflect from them and create a luminescent appearance. They can be placed either indoors or outdoors depending on what kind of lamp you have.

There are actually many types of glass lamp shades, sometimes called glass shades, that are available on the market. These variants are best placed in certain parts of the house. Here are the different types of glass lamp shades:

1.       Stained glass lampshades- this type of lampshade is normally seen outdoors. They are usually available in an art deco or antique design. Since the glass is stained, the lighting that it provides is soft rather than glaring. The most popular stained glass lampshades are found on Tiffany Lamps.

2.       Chandelier lights- commonly seen in big houses, the chandeliers are usually made of glass to give off lighting reflections. Some chandeliers even have hanging glass reflectors so that the lights will have a wider area of reflection. Chandeliers are mostly classified as hanging lamps.

3.       Torchiere lamp shades- the torchiere lamp shades are the floor length ones that can be seen in bedrooms and in the living room of large houses. The most common designs for this type of lampshade are the glass dishes that reflect the light upward so that it can illuminate to the ceiling. The color of the lights that are usually used are yellow or white.

4.       Cased glass lampshades- the light bulb in this type of lamp is totally encased in glass. That means that instead of reflecting to a certain area, the light glows and give of lighting to its surroundings. Normally you will see two shades of colors: the light inside mixed with the color of the glass gives a different color, while the emitted light from the whole lamp gives off another color. The cased glass lamp shades are normally seen in side tables of the living room or the bedroom. Some people also place these types on their office desks.

These types of glass lamps are usually used for decoration. But aside from that, they can also provide the user with the amount of lighting that he or she needs. They can also help a lot in creating the right ambience for a particular room.

If you are looking for an elegant piece to add to your living room then you should consider getting some lamps with glass lamp shades. Glass adds a special touch of style to a lamp that standard fabric shades do not have. The glass shades come in a wide assortment of styles and designs that can enhance any room you choose to use them in. You can find lamps designed with glass in period styles such as Victorian and European. The Victorian lamps can come in the soft rounded glass base and shade or in a glass base with fabric shade adorned with hanging glass crystals.

If you want a more colorful design for your lamp shades, you can find the Tiffany styles shades available in a nice assortment of colors and patterns to match your room’s décor. Most of these colors are in darker tones and earth tones so they fit well with a room that has darker colored fabrics for its furnishings. They also fit well in rooms that use earth tone colors for its furnishings. You also have the choice of using frosted glass shades, which creates a diffused type of lighting effect in the room.

If you are looking for a more dramatic piece of lighting, you can also find many styles of chandeliers with glass shades for their lamps. A wrought iron or rustically designed chandelier with glass shades can create a very warm type of atmosphere for the room it is in. The more rustically designed chandeliers and lamps fit well with homes that have a country theme or in a cabin style home. You can also find several modern design lamps that incorporate glass shades into their design.

The glass shade is also available in etched designs. Many lamps have a soft frosted shade with an etched design on it to create a more interesting lighting effect. Often the frosted shade styles of glass lamps are used as accent lamps for the bedroom area. This is because most people prefer a subtler softer light in the bedroom.

Whether you have a contemporary home, a rustic cabin style home or a period home, you will find several varieties of glass lamp shades that will easily blend into your home’s décor. The lamps create an atmosphere that is uniquely their own and can easily become a treasured family heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation.