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Lampshades are capable of bringing a new light and look to your home. They are available in many different shapes, sizes and colors - there is enough variety to suit any home! In fact, lamp shades for table lamps can give you the ability to change up your home decorating with ease.

Lampshades first appeared in the 17th century in France and were made out of paper. In this period, lampshade making became a craft, and the shades were usually decorated elegantly with romantic designs. Without the discovery of electricity, they were used with candles and oil lamps as the main sources of light. Since the beginning, they were used to reduce the brightness of light and create more subtle tones in the home. Lampshades are also a reflection of the fashions of the time. Through the early 1900s and art nouveau, through to the 1960s and the "Aladdin" style lamps, lampshades have been a home item that have always followed the times and kept up with the trends.

Nowadays, there are endless styles of lampshades available, plus designers who can make custom shades for all sorts of clients and homes. Modern society is blessed to have relatively easy access to a wide variety of materials (such as plastics, papers and fabrics) and previous styles to be influenced by. People are able to buy shades that suit traditional lamps that sit on tabletops, as well as shades that can be hung like Christmas decorations, for example the popular star-shaped lampshades. They are available in a wide range of colors and give their surrounds a warm glow, lessening the often harsh glare that is given off by intense light bulbs. There are endless types of homes in modern societies, so there is a need for people's decor to match and complement their surrounds, as well as have light sources that show their homes in a pleasant way.

For designers, the craft of lampshade making has also emulated the times. Designers and makers today gather at regular conventions to view each othersĀ  work and gain inspiration. Homemakers also attend these gatherings for ideas for home decoration and style.

Lamps and lampshades can make beautiful, stylish and fashionable additions to the home - big, small and in between.