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Lamp oil is made to burn cleanly in glass oil lamps and lanterns.   Lamp oil is a liquid petroleum substance that is in the same group as kerosene.   Unlike kerosene, lamp oil does not produce large amounts of dangerous smoke and other toxins.   Although it does not burn as brightly, lamp oil does not have an unpleasant odor like kerosene.

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Back in the days before there was electricity, homes were exclusively lit by lamps and candles.  These lamps were usually fueled with kerosene.   Kerosene is known to generate a lot of black soot and it made keeping the home clean impossible.   Due to a  large number of  complaints from the consumers, companies decided to refine kerosene further so the fuel could be burned  indoors without all of the harsh chemicals and messy soot.

Oil for lamps can be found at most supermarkets and outdoor stores.   Many individuals keep a stash of lamp oil along with their other emergency supplies.   In the case of a black out, lamps are safer than candles and more dependable than flashlights.   For these reasons, it would be a good idea to keep some lamp oil put away with your emergency home kit.

The oil put in lamps is a combustible liquid so it  releases heat and energy as it burns.   Like all hydrocarbon products, this oil must be treated with caution.   If the oil is misused, there could be safety issues.   Always read and follow the instructions that come with your oil lamp.  It is always smart to clean and trim the wick before each use.   You should never roll down the wick while it is lit as this could cause you to start a fire or burn yourself.  Oil for lamps should always be stored at room temperature also.   Never store the oil where it could freeze because once lamp oil freezes it can become unstable and act more like gasoline.

Most oil put in lamps is clear.   However, you can purchase colored oil to appeal to your sense of style.   Choose a colored oil that will fit your mood and atmosphere and accentuate the beauty of the lamp.   For example, red oil may help create a romantic environment for you and your spouse.

You can also purchase oil with a fragrance.   As it burns, you can enjoy a soothing aroma in the air.   This aroma is much like an air freshener, but more pleasant.   Enjoy the smell of lavender or vanilla in your kitchen or bathroom.   The citronella scent is ideal for keeping the mosquitoes away while you are trying to enjoy a wonderful evening outside.

Lamp oil is the ideal choice for burning lamps and lanterns in your home.   It burns cleaner and produces a pleasant smell.   It may cost a little bit more than kerosene, but it is well worth it.