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There are so many elements that make up the decor in a home that lamp shades may be easy to overlook as a design element.  Most people may never consider how a lamp shade affects the aesthetic appeal or their home, often throwing a plain and boring shade on for not other reason than shading the harsh light bulb.  Lamp shades control the light that illuminates your home, and with so many styles and varieties, these shades can be used to create softer, subdued lighting; or brighter lighting to showcase art or other decor in the room.
A beautiful lamp shade will make an ordinary lamp capture your attention, and turn an exquisitely-designed lamp into a work of art.  The same is true of the effect the lamp shade creates with the light.  Use a paper lantern style amber lamp shade and the room will be warmer and more inviting.  The cheap white shade from Walmart may do little more than make noise in the corner, making the room uninviting.

Wide selections of lamp shades are found at every superstore including Walmart and Target, and higher-end lamp shades are often found at stores like Macy's, Nordstrom's, and Lamps R us.  Even more expensive and more elaborate lamp shades are found at higher end furniture stores.  The lamp shades you choose should complement the furniture and the fabric of sofas, chairs, and throw pillows; as well as area rugs or flooring.  Instead of buying Walmart lamp shades with matching patterns to your furniture, search for interesting shades of color that compliments your pieces. Introducing visually striking elements to a room such as an appealing lamp shade, breaks up the monotony, and draws you in. Light affects our moods and attitudes, so choose carefully, then turn the light on and enjoy the glow.