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First appearing in the 1950s then making a comeback in the 1970s, swag lamps have proven to stand the test of time, as they are popular again.  These stylish lamps hang from the ceiling with two hooks, one holding the lamp and the curved draped swag hanging between the two hooks.  The original lamps are made of either Lucite or plastic and hung over a table or in a corner.  The long chain is intertwined with the cord, giving easy access to the power source.

Of course, swag lamps have been updated with the times to incorporate new technologies.  Many have gone beyond their Lucite or plastic construction to include crystal, glass, Japanese wood, leather, stained glass and wicker.  However, rattan is now one of the most popular materials these days because this material is so durable.  Furthermore, it is easy to add personal creative touches to rattan, especially for those who like to paint or add their own personal styles.  They can also be finished according to any individual’s preference without damaging the lamp.

These days swag lamps (or swag lights ) are much more than mere accents as they are economical, efficient and versatile as well as stylish.  Their long cords, usually from 10 to 15 feet long allow them to be positioned anywhere and not take up space on the floor, desktop or any other surface.  They are good for those living in smaller dwellings such as studio apartments to help save space.  They are also great as reading lights as they can light large rooms better than many floor designs.  Others have traditionally used swag lamps over billiard or pool tables to create a relaxed atmosphere.  Many may be familiar with these lamps proudly displaying the logos from sports teams or favorite brand names.

Most of these lamps  have an inline switch. However,  today’s technology has equipped many of them with remote controls making them even more convenient.  These lights do not have to be installed, so they can be moved at any time when redecoration is in order.  Such features are what separate these lamps from other types of lighting fixtures such as Quoizel chandeliers, which not only cost more that are also affixed to one place.Photoxpress 7209084 Swag Lamps: Style That Keeps Coming Back

Not surprisingly, there are many lamps that will go with any decor, especially those who like clever combinations of retro and contemporary styles.  The new improvements in swag lamps have not only made them better from a technological standpoint, but they are also much more stylish than those commonly found in hotels, motels, and resorts.  For example, a Pretty in Pink swag style plug in chandelier is perfect for a little girl’s room with its antique three-light chandelier and clear and pink crystal droplets that sparkle in the light.  The antique white finish is complimented with pink bell shades and faux candle-drip covers.  Along with the droplets, light blue, clear and pink beads provide a romantic ambiance.  Furthermore, this particular lamp can be converted to a hardwired lamp with the included kit.

Those who want a more sophisticated and elegant look may choose the hand painted floral plug-in style swag pendant light.  The Bavarian dark gold colored shade is decorated with matching ribbon along with hand painted accents on the center column and provides warm light with an off-white acrylic diffuser.  This lamp is perfect for placement over dining room table as well as many other living areas of the home.  Like the Pretty in Pink lamp, this design includes a hardwire kit in case one wants to make the lamp a permanent fixture.

There are many other choices in swag lamps to complement a fun and whimsical decor as well as a cozy, country home atmosphere.  There are those that have as much elegance and class as a Quoizel chandelier but have only a fraction of the cost.  One must consider what effect is needed when choosing a lamp as well as its economical and functional benefits.  If space is a problem in the home, then swag lamps offer the perfect solution to take care of lighting needs.  There is bound to be the right swag lamp for anyone for any purpose at just the right price.

Glass lamp shades are great decorations for the house. They come in a variety of colors and designs that will aid in the overall look of the house. Since they are made up of glass, the light will reflect from them and create a luminescent appearance. They can be placed either indoors or outdoors depending on what kind of lamp you have.

There are actually many types of glass lamp shades, sometimes called glass shades, that are available on the market. These variants are best placed in certain parts of the house. Here are the different types of glass lamp shades:

1.       Stained glass lampshades- this type of lampshade is normally seen outdoors. They are usually available in an art deco or antique design. Since the glass is stained, the lighting that it provides is soft rather than glaring. The most popular stained glass lampshades are found on Tiffany Lamps.

2.       Chandelier lights- commonly seen in big houses, the chandeliers are usually made of glass to give off lighting reflections. Some chandeliers even have hanging glass reflectors so that the lights will have a wider area of reflection. Chandeliers are mostly classified as hanging lamps.

3.       Torchiere lamp shades- the torchiere lamp shades are the floor length ones that can be seen in bedrooms and in the living room of large houses. The most common designs for this type of lampshade are the glass dishes that reflect the light upward so that it can illuminate to the ceiling. The color of the lights that are usually used are yellow or white.

4.       Cased glass lampshades- the light bulb in this type of lamp is totally encased in glass. That means that instead of reflecting to a certain area, the light glows and give of lighting to its surroundings. Normally you will see two shades of colors: the light inside mixed with the color of the glass gives a different color, while the emitted light from the whole lamp gives off another color. The cased glass lamp shades are normally seen in side tables of the living room or the bedroom. Some people also place these types on their office desks.

These types of glass lamps are usually used for decoration. But aside from that, they can also provide the user with the amount of lighting that he or she needs. They can also help a lot in creating the right ambience for a particular room.

The title chandelier derives from an oldtime French word for candlestick. What we now know as chandeliers are way more than just holders for wax lights. Today's chandeliers are intricate light adornments usually with many crystal droplets that twinkle in the lighting. Regrettably most contemporary homes cannot find an appropriate place for substantial crystal chandeliers, nor could the majority of pockets run to buying them, however we can console ourselves with smaller chandelier light  shades.

In a tiny space you might have believed that getting any kind of hanging light fittings would be impossible as it would overpower your smaller space. And yet you'll find chandelier type lamp shades for the smaller space and in addition sconces having crystal drops in the form of chandeliers are readily available. Small classic home chandeliers with candle style lights and individual lampshades are made for the majority of types of lounge room in places you might ordinarily have standard pendant lamps, providing the ceiling isn't too low.

Mono-chrome or minimal room designs using black and white furnishings remain really trendy. This particular style calls for bright white painted walls, white colored flooring as well as ebony leather furniture. Although it is fashionable and new looking, this kind of decoration can also seem a little hard. You could potentially soften the appearance by including a bit of color or texture with very soft, fluffy cushions and sheer curtains. Or think about switching the simple white pendant light for fancy chandelier crystals and a pair of matching swag lamps.

For a less cumbersome style as opposed to the complex chandelier shades, try taking a look at the Quoizel chandelier  fixtures in their Contemporary or Americana collection. Their hanging lighting fittings in a number of coatings which include antique brass and aged copper will just perfectly complement the more traditional style room and décor. Or maybe you would like a dragonfly garden pendant light from the European collection. If this sounds like it is also too elaborate for your taste then the classic lights assortment from the Duchess collection of Quoizel lights is a perfect mixture of elegance and style in finishes like Antique Nickel or Imperial Bronze.

If you plan doing a lot of entertaining in your outdoor space then you need to think about light choices for dark evenings. A covered deck or garden gazebo may or may not be equipped with electricity, nevertheless in either case a stylish and appealing strategy for illumination would be an outdoor chandelier. These may be electrically powered in which particular case they need to be designed especially for use outdoors along with resistant to wet conditions. Should you be unable to gain access to an electrical supply in the area where you need the outside illumination, then there are solar powered chandeliers built for this reason.

Who hasn't checked into a hotel recently and made note of the wall lamps over the beds.  I know I have and every time I think of good reasons to use them in my home.  I still do not have them yet, but here are a few reasons I come up with to give them a serious look.
I am not trying to say that the quality of the wall lamps in hotels is the best, so one should not judge the utility of them by the quality you may find in some cheaper hotel chains.

1. They are so functional. Usually there are two on a swivel.  One for each bed, if we get a 2 bed room.  This gives us both a chance to use the light the way we want to.  For me, I like to pull the lamp toward me and I need all the light I can get to read. I can then adjust how close it is and that controls how much light falls on my book.  My wife, on the other hand, is not thrilled by having too much light because she will likely watch some TV.  She may still turn the lamp on for a brief period to get settled. This is what I mean by functional.

2. Wall lamps make maximum use of the space. By being mounted to a wall, the wires are all hidden and it makes a clean appearance.  Many times when you have a floor lamp, a wall lamp would be better.  Floor lamps, while movable, take up lots of floor space and are tough to vacuum around.

3. Lamps mounted on the wall shine light upwards. This is a subtle thing, but really adds to the room appearance. Light shining up the wall and bouncing off the ceiling creates a much softer environment than most other types of light you find in the home.

When looking at getting a wall lamp, you will find many different types.  Some will mount flush to the wall.  Others come with arms that allow you to move the lamp around some.  Still others have swing arms that bend in two areas, giving even more versatility.  At some lighting supply places you will find the wall lamps nested as a subset of wall sconces.  I don't know why that is, because I see them as two very distinct types of lamps.

As far as brands go, there are many brands that are quality made.  One such brand is the Quoizel.  This company just makes quality lamps that look good and last a long time. Known for their Quoizel Chandeliers, the company actually makes many different types of lamps.  You could not go wrong with a wall lamp made by Quoizel.

Wall lamps have many great uses and should be considered if you are renovating a room or just want to change things up a little in your house.  You can experiment with different lamp shades ( or light shades as some people call them) and that will give you even more styles to work with.

An antler chandelier can become the prized centerpiece of rustic décor in a living or dining area.  These unique lighting fixtures add a note whimsical, natural beauty to any room. Western, country and wilderness decorating schemes are ideal for the central placement of an intricate interweaving of antlers accented with warm light. Sometimes, though, a more surprising application may include contemporary or modern designs.   In those cases, the contrast between natural and synthetic materials can be quite striking.  Whatever the application, the beauty of antlers is worthy of taking center stage in the room.3416984714 c40a2c9452 m An Antler Chandelier   Unique Lighting Choice

A casual living area can be a great place to use a deer or elk antler chandeliers.  It will provide a focal point for the room while casting a warm glowing light.  Because the antler constructions can be quite large, it is important to be sure they do not overpower the room. Often it is best to use them in rooms with very high ceilings. To increase the amount of available light, the chandelier can be combined with floor lamps or table lamps. This will make a cozy feeling for guests and family. Matching lampshades with western designs or solid colors can increase the feeling of a unified theme.

In a dining area, the intertwined antlers will hang nicely over the center of a large table. This will add special wilderness flair, even during formal dinners.  This effect is especially attractive when combined with rich wood paneling and furniture. This type of usage is often referred to as ranch-style dining décor. This new style is quite popular in vacation homes and country retreats.  Sometimes, however, a sleek, modern dining area may be accented with this particular lighting design. The creation of contrast draws interest and provides a conversation piece for diners.

Dining areas and living rooms are not the only place for these creative fixtures. Many people enjoy them in entryways, dens, and family rooms. Wherever they are placed, they capture the imagination and make a statement. That is the greatest value they provide. When a striking statement is called for, use an antler chandelier to make any room come alive.

Chandeliers have always been an elegant way to decorate a home, and a black chandelier is no exception. Whether it is featured in the dining room, foyer or some other room of the house, this type of light fixture can add style and charm to your decor as well as giving you the light you need.

Your light fixture can be wrought iron with crystal teardrops, a swag-style pendant design, a shaded chandelier (one with chandelier lamp shades), or even black glass. Depending on the decor of the room and whether you are looking for fancy or basic, there is a black chandelier that will suit your personality and that of your home. For an elegant look, you may want to consider lighting that is dripping with clear or colored crystals. And for a contemporary style, a fixture featuring black glass would definitely be in order. You can even find theme-based black chandeliers, copied from fixtures featured on popular television programs. There is a design that will fit any room of the house and any taste.

If the room where you intend to hang your black chandelier needs a good bit of light, you can choose a fixture featuring 12 or more bulbs. But if you do not need as much light and just want a soft ambiance, there are fixtures on the market featuring fewer bulbs that will give you the light you require without overdoing it. You can also have a dimmer switch put on your light fixture, enabling you to change the intensity of your lighting as the mood dictates. Be sure to consider a chandelier shade for a unique twist as well.

3306109816 e0b3df6079 m A Black Chandelier   An Elegant Accent to Your Home

If you have limited funds to work with, there is a black chandelier that will fit your budget. Depending on how much money you want to spend as well as the design of your home, you can go as basic or as extravagant as you want. Just be sure to read up on how to hang a chandelier before you attempt it.

Be certain to check out a variety of lighting fixtures. You will find the one that will not only fit the decor of your home and your taste, but also your budget. With the right lighting in your home, you can be proud of your decorating style.

Pendant lights are a versatile and functional form of decorative lighting for any room of your home. Large light fixtures work well in expansive living areas or large kitchens. You can create a very decorative effect in a large room using several matching or complimentary pendant lights.
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If you have a relaxation or reading area in your living room or bedroom, a fixture that will direct the light to that specific area would be a good choice of lighting. The style of lamp shade affects the brightness and the direction of the illumination.

A light such as the energy efficient Olympia Olde Bronze Mini Pendant would be a beautiful addition to a bathroom. It would also work well in a small area of a bedroom or as a subtle form of lighting in a nursery.
For greater light in a bathroom area, you might want to select a style of light that extends across the sink and vanity area. There are pendant light sets that allow you to create a functional, decorative bathroom lighting design.

Pendant lights, sometimes called pendant lamps, are perfect in a home with modern decor. A metal light with a cone shaped globe is just one example of a modern design. A red, white, and black glass pendant light would be a perfect accessory to a modern decor. An awesome spiral glass pendant would certainly enhance a modern style room.

Lights with contemporary and tradition styling features are easy to locate. You have a choice of colored shades, metal shades, decorative shades, or simple designs of glass shades. For kitchen areas there are lights that extend across a decorative bar to provide sufficient lighting for an island or bar area.

There are variations in the type of bulbs the lamps require. Some lights actually have a "pull up or down" feature. Your selection basically depends on your decorating style and on the amount of light you need for a specific area.