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If you are considering building a new home you might want to look into using a chandelier lights as your lighting fixtures. The lights come in an array of different styles and designs that can fit with any type of home décor. The most commonly known type of ceiling fixture is the crystal tiered one. There is no denying the dramatic effect this light brings into a room as the light is refracted off the hanging crystals. These look great even if they are cheap chandeliers.  This is best used in a formal setting such as a dining area. You can also get the light fixtures constructed from different types of base materials such as wrought iron or gold plating.

You can choose the subtler rustic style if you have a country home. The darker tones of the wrought iron combined with the soft shades of beige or amber of the lamp shades make it the perfect light for a more rustically themed home. This type of lighting fixture adds warmth and character to a room as a chandeliers' lighting is a unique form of light. It is also good to use in an entryway where there might be an open area before a staircase. You can also find matching wall sconces to coordinate with your ceiling light fixture.

The wrought iron black  chandelier also works well in Spanish styled homes. Choosing black wrought iron as the base with any number of various types of lamp shades can enhance the room you use the light in. The light fixtures are available in single, two or three tier varieties. The more tiers there are, the more bulbs the light will have and the brighter it will shine. If you have a wide open area, you can use a multi-tiered ceiling light with many bulbs. If the space you are considering is smaller you will want a light with a smaller structure so it does not overpower the area it is in.

When you hang a swag chandelier, you realize that you can add beauty to your home decor without cutting holes in the ceiling. You can make a swag chandelier by just transforming a regular chandelier that can be attached to a regular ceiling hook, although the hook needs to be heavy duty. You then add a special swag kit. This is not a real hard job to do and you should be able to finish it in about 2 hours.  When it comes to hoisting the chandelier up to the hook, you may need help as it may be heavy. You will need a few things for this job.

First, you need the chandelier with a swag kit. Beyond that, you need tools such as a drill, a screwdriver, screws, heavy duty ceiling hooks, and maybe a stud finder. It is very important to locate a ceiling brace or joist that can hold the weight of the chandelier as some can weigh quite a lot and many of those are black chandeliers.

That is why you need the stud finder, so you can find a good, solid, attachment point. Hanging swag lamps is not that hard. The next step is to install a ceiling hook where you want the light to hang.  For your swag lamps,  Home Depot or local hardware store,  will have special ceiling hooks to use.

Depending on the type of hook, you will want to pre-drill the holes to attach the ceiling screws. Next, install the other ceiling hook close to the wall. this will be where the electric cord (chain) will attach.

Now you are ready to hang the chandelier lighting. This is the point where you need to ask for help to hold this up.  When you decide the height of this, think about if tall people will be bumping their head on this hanging lamp.

Just create a little "swag" in the cord/chain and attach to the other hook near the wall.  Don't let the the swag be too low, because again it could hit someone.

You are now ready to plug it in and add the bulbs and any lampshades you are using. I would recommend that you put the bulbs in before you plug it in.

Now you can turn on the light and see how it looks.