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How many times have you wanted to just redecorate a corner of a room with a new light? Maybe hanging lights that plug in, or swag lamps the plug in. These are really sensible and simple ways to change the entire look of a room.  Some hanging lamps plug in to the outlet and then hang by a chain.  Often these lamps are called swag lamps, because the chain sort of "swags" in the middle as it is connected to the ceiling at two points.  Whatever style you choose, it will make it easy to redecorate that dark corner of the room with plug in hanging lamps.

When you decide what lamp to put there, you will have to consider the overall theme of the room in question.  Many houses have a certain theme to them, whether its Victorian, modern, rustic, or art deco.  To get the best lamp and make the best impression, you want to keep the theme loosely the same.  It is true that even a room itself may have a theme, further differentiating it from the overall house theme.  Keep these things in mind when looking for the right light for this.

You can find a number of good choices of hanging lights the plug in, at your local lighting store.  These small “mom and pop” stores often have a great selection and can order many types that they don't have on hand.  These stores are a great place to begin your search, but may not be the final place you make your purchase due to the costs involved.  While they are a great place to get your creative and decorating juices flowing, they will likely charge a lot more for the lamps than you may want to pay.  Consider them, but remain flexible.  Your next stop will be the internet.

The internet will have the best prices now that you know what you are looking for.  I always check Amazon.com and even Ebay.  These will also give you some more ideas and price points for the exact style of hanging lamp you are seeking.  There are many other retailers on the web as well, that you can easily explore from your computer. Your best bet is buying from an established online retailer.

Finally, installing your new lamp is easy and fast. Hanging lamps plug in to the wall outlet. You only need to have an electrical receptacle in that corner or near by.  You may need to install a ceiling hook, if one is not already there, but that is as hard as it gets.  The great thing about these lamps is also the fact that you can move these hanging lights that plug in easily, if you want to just change things up sometime.  You might have one style that you like to have for fall and winter, then another for spring and summer.  The versatility is unlimited and the ease of installation makes them a fantastic, functional lighting choice.

First appearing in the 1950s then making a comeback in the 1970s, swag lamps have proven to stand the test of time, as they are popular again.  These stylish lamps hang from the ceiling with two hooks, one holding the lamp and the curved draped swag hanging between the two hooks.  The original lamps are made of either Lucite or plastic and hung over a table or in a corner.  The long chain is intertwined with the cord, giving easy access to the power source.

Of course, swag lamps have been updated with the times to incorporate new technologies.  Many have gone beyond their Lucite or plastic construction to include crystal, glass, Japanese wood, leather, stained glass and wicker.  However, rattan is now one of the most popular materials these days because this material is so durable.  Furthermore, it is easy to add personal creative touches to rattan, especially for those who like to paint or add their own personal styles.  They can also be finished according to any individual’s preference without damaging the lamp.

These days swag lamps (or swag lights ) are much more than mere accents as they are economical, efficient and versatile as well as stylish.  Their long cords, usually from 10 to 15 feet long allow them to be positioned anywhere and not take up space on the floor, desktop or any other surface.  They are good for those living in smaller dwellings such as studio apartments to help save space.  They are also great as reading lights as they can light large rooms better than many floor designs.  Others have traditionally used swag lamps over billiard or pool tables to create a relaxed atmosphere.  Many may be familiar with these lamps proudly displaying the logos from sports teams or favorite brand names.

Most of these lamps  have an inline switch. However,  today’s technology has equipped many of them with remote controls making them even more convenient.  These lights do not have to be installed, so they can be moved at any time when redecoration is in order.  Such features are what separate these lamps from other types of lighting fixtures such as Quoizel chandeliers, which not only cost more that are also affixed to one place.Photoxpress 7209084 Swag Lamps: Style That Keeps Coming Back

Not surprisingly, there are many lamps that will go with any decor, especially those who like clever combinations of retro and contemporary styles.  The new improvements in swag lamps have not only made them better from a technological standpoint, but they are also much more stylish than those commonly found in hotels, motels, and resorts.  For example, a Pretty in Pink swag style plug in chandelier is perfect for a little girl’s room with its antique three-light chandelier and clear and pink crystal droplets that sparkle in the light.  The antique white finish is complimented with pink bell shades and faux candle-drip covers.  Along with the droplets, light blue, clear and pink beads provide a romantic ambiance.  Furthermore, this particular lamp can be converted to a hardwired lamp with the included kit.

Those who want a more sophisticated and elegant look may choose the hand painted floral plug-in style swag pendant light.  The Bavarian dark gold colored shade is decorated with matching ribbon along with hand painted accents on the center column and provides warm light with an off-white acrylic diffuser.  This lamp is perfect for placement over dining room table as well as many other living areas of the home.  Like the Pretty in Pink lamp, this design includes a hardwire kit in case one wants to make the lamp a permanent fixture.

There are many other choices in swag lamps to complement a fun and whimsical decor as well as a cozy, country home atmosphere.  There are those that have as much elegance and class as a Quoizel chandelier but have only a fraction of the cost.  One must consider what effect is needed when choosing a lamp as well as its economical and functional benefits.  If space is a problem in the home, then swag lamps offer the perfect solution to take care of lighting needs.  There is bound to be the right swag lamp for anyone for any purpose at just the right price.

Glass lamp shades are great decorations for the house. They come in a variety of colors and designs that will aid in the overall look of the house. Since they are made up of glass, the light will reflect from them and create a luminescent appearance. They can be placed either indoors or outdoors depending on what kind of lamp you have.

There are actually many types of glass lamp shades, sometimes called glass shades, that are available on the market. These variants are best placed in certain parts of the house. Here are the different types of glass lamp shades:

1.       Stained glass lampshades- this type of lampshade is normally seen outdoors. They are usually available in an art deco or antique design. Since the glass is stained, the lighting that it provides is soft rather than glaring. The most popular stained glass lampshades are found on Tiffany Lamps.

2.       Chandelier [...] Continue Reading...

The title chandelier derives from an oldtime French word for candlestick. What we now know as chandeliers are way more than just holders for wax lights. Today's chandeliers are intricate light adornments usually with many crystal droplets that twinkle in the lighting. Regrettably most contemporary homes cannot find an appropriate place for substantial crystal chandeliers, nor could the majority of pockets run to buying them, however we can console ourselves with smaller chandelier light  shades.

In a tiny space you might have believed that getting any kind of hanging light fittings would be impossible as it would overpower your smaller space. And yet you'll find chandelier type lamp shades for the smaller space and in addition sconces having crystal drops in the form of chandeliers are readily available. Small classic home chandeliers with candle style lights and individual lampshades are made for the majority of types of lounge room in [...] Continue Reading...

A long time ago large chandeliers were seen only in palaces or in the mansion properties of the exceptionally rich. The Vanderbilt’s were known to have one, and Elvis was also a fan. But not many regular people these days possess the size of residence as well as the size of budget for a chandelier which is many feet in height plus weighs hundreds of pounds. Nowadays,  beautiful chandelier lamp shades provide us with a taste of what it would be like to own one of the enormous chandeliers we can simply look at in amazement.

In a tiny space you could have thought that getting any type of chandelier lighting would be unthinkable as it would be overpowering in your smaller space. However you can find chandelier type lampshades to fit the smaller sized room and also wall lamps with crystal droplets in the form of chandeliers can easily [...] Continue Reading...

Who hasn't checked into a hotel recently and made note of the wall lamps over the beds.  I know I have and every time I think of good reasons to use them in my home.  I still do not have them yet, but here are a few reasons I come up with to give them a serious look.
I am not trying to say that the quality of the wall lamps in hotels is the best, so one should not judge the utility of them by the quality you may find in some cheaper hotel chains.

1. They are so functional. Usually there are two on a swivel.  One for each bed, if we get a 2 bed room.  This gives us both a chance to use the light the way we want to.  For me, I like to pull the lamp toward me and I need all the light I [...] Continue Reading...

Swag lamps are very attractive fixtures to own, alone an effective article of lighting capable of sprucing up just about any environment in which they are set.  Many people may have difficulty cleaning their lamps, usually as a result of their unfamiliarity with the lamp’s material. Fortunately, very little is needed to clean the lamp, and with a few simple items and the dedication to maintain its future cleanliness, cleaning can be an easy and relatively quick thing to do.
To begin, you will need the following.

an ordinary duster,
a bucket,
some water,
a vacuum,
a cheese cloth,
some mild detergent,
a rubber band,
and some clean cloth to dry the fabric off with.

Begin by using the duster to gently brush off any visible dust or dirt that may be clumped over the material. For particularly large or thickly accumulated clumps of dirt, it is advised to wrap your cheesecloth over the vacuum’s attachment and [...] Continue Reading...

If you have a need for a swag lamp and want to be a little creative, you can easily make a string lampshade swag lamp very easily.

First you need some thick string. Not as thick as yarn, but thicker than kite string. Make sense? Actually any thickness will do, but you will like the outcome better if your string is about in between yarn and kite string. Some people have said that crochet thread is just about right for this.

You also need some fabric stiffener. You can pick this up at a local craft store. Mix up a solution in an old jar or other usable container. This is very important as this is the stuff that keeps your shade together.

Next, blow up a party balloon the size of the lamp you want. This can vary as much as you like. This [...] Continue Reading...